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DCASC HerfSite 4000...In Color!
DCASC Guest Star Photos

We had visitors!!! Here they are!

the Province of Ontario

Mark Korchinski, a Canadian

 Mark Korchinski  is from Canada

la Republica de Honduras

Christian Eiroa of Caribe

Christian, livin' la Vida Loca! Click here to go to Caribe's website.

State of Texas

Frank Seltzer

I've never met Frank, actually, but this is how I imagine he looks, being from Texas an' all

State of Florida

Craig Stone(RangerCRS)

We like it when Jeff can stop in DC. He carries good cigars.

State of Maryland

Martin Mayorga

Martin can roast coffee, blend cigars and get himself engaged to a great woman, three skills I wish I had. Click here to go to Mayorga Imports' website.

State of Florida

Art Torano of A.T. Coffino Cigars

Art imports A.T. Coffino cigars in Florida now! POW!

State of Texas

S. Kristine Farmer

S. Kristine Farmer

la province d'Ontario

Shaunr, another Canadian

Shaunr is also from Canada!

State of Washington

Richard Wagner (Seattle)

Ask to see Richard's Ring or his Cycle

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Tom Schneider

We are still sorry that Tom didn't get to meet Martin Mayorga

State of New Hampshire

Steve Saka

If you think he's powerful now, wait until you see what he evolves into!

State of Florida

Gael de Courtivron, Maker of La Luna Cigars

Maker of the fabulous La Luna Maduro Fuertes! Click here to go to the La Luna website.

State of New York

Nick Panasiuk

Nick! Come back, Nick! Come back!

State of New Jersey

Marc Goldstone

Poppa Marc's got cheese for you!

State of New York

Lee Auerbach

For the love of God, don't let him show you what he means by  "the Captain's Log"!

Visiting us in DC? Be prepared to have your photo here!