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DCASC HerfSite 4000...In Color!
DCASC Newsletter and Reviews

Try not to fall asleep!

Humidor of Contents

Shortly we hope to have some reviews written by DCASCers of cigars

Also on this page will be write-ups of recent DCASC herfs and special events attended by members

Finally, we may in the future include any special features about cigar smoking from our members or friends, even our Canadian friends.

News Flash!!!

DCASC Special News

Offer from Greybeard's Tobacco and Coffee/ Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

As some of you know, I was in Ocean City during the weekend of my birthday. During this time I drove up to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to visit Greybeards Tobacco and Coffee on Rehoboth Avenue a few blocks from the boardwalk.

The owner and I chat a while, and I ask him if he'll hand out some of out DCASC cards to customers he knows might be from DC or heading there. He was more than willing and it turns out that the owner is Bob Maurer, formerly a VP with Faders! Bob bought Greybeards in May of last year. Some of you may remember Bob from the herf in Bel Air that Jim Fisher planned during the grand opening of the Faders there.

Bob has made an offer to any member of DCASC: free membership to the VIP Program. This is normally $20. The program essentially provides a 10% discount on non-sale items and free shipping. If you want to partake in this offer, you can call Bob Maurer at 1-800-414-7473 at the shop. Tell him you are a member of DCASC, and that I told you about this offer. He will assign you a number in his database and send you a membership card with a barcode on the back, so whether you are in his store or order by phone or internet, you'll get the discount and free shipping if applicable.

From what I saw, Greybeards is at MSRP and has a very large selection of CAO products and is a Fuente Authorized retailer. He also has a good selection of cheap bundles. All in all it seems a much nicer place under Bob's ownership!

Greybeard's website is currently down and being reworked, I believe, but you can email Bob at as well as call him at the 800 number above. I think he should have chosen a different email name, though.

--David Farmer

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The DCASC Smoking Jacket

Edition 5
March 2001

A recap of the DCASC April 19 Herf by David Farmer

I had a blast! Our Guest of Honor, S. Kristine was delovely and delightful as always! And Travis, it was real kick to have you herf with us---I was surprised that you were in town and then worried about the Shelly's snafu until you called me the second time!

It seems that I stupidly disregarded my intitial impulse to actually call Shelly's as I would normally do. I thought that since it was a Thurdsday night, they couldn't possibly have been holding a private party or anything like that. Well, they were...fortunately for me Butler's Cigar Bar at the Grand Hyatt was only a few blocks away and between me and JtN, we had the cell phone numbers of most of the usual suspects to alert about the change in plans before we had a mass of DCASCers milling about on the sidewalk in front of Shelly's!

Thanks to Jim for his help in phoning folks, to Bob Hundemer for checking out the availability of Butlers, and to Alan for waiting with me for Kristine to arrive at Shelley's! As soon as we saw Kristine's cab pull up, Alan and I rushed the cab and, not letting her get out, commandeered it to Butler's! Just like in the old movies, I think!

A very special thanks to Planner Emeritus Gerald Piercey for fixing me with such a glare after listening to my pitiful explanation that it is unlikely I will ever fail to call in advance again!

I left a DCASC business card taped to the door of Shelly's ( with the OK of management) with a note about the change and my cell phone number. Within the hour, I got a call from a young lady inquiring if I was the man from London she was to meet at Shelly's. Seems the private party had chewed up her plans, too and the Guy From London had stood her up, or otherwise left. I, being a perfect gentleman, invite her to join us at Butler's. She indicates she would think about it.

A while later, Michelle actually showed up!!! And she WAS cuteriffic! She works for a Congressperson on the Hill and was a very good and sociable addition to our herf.

JtN proceeds to hit on her, proposing marriage, and Michelle takes in all in very good spirit and gave as good as Jim was giving. Then, she pulled off the best and funniest blow-off I have ever seen!

She leans back, turns towards me and says that she really likes Patrick Kennedy, and that she thinks next time she sees him in the hallway, she's going to ask him out. LOL!

JtN can now proudly claim he was ditched for a Kennedy!!!!

All in all a VERY enjoyable herf and I thank every one that attended. When we meet for next month's herf, we will probably enjoy the company of Joe Lavigne and the incomparable taste of the cigars I have found as a worthy replacement to my dearly missed Burt Reynolds Toros, celebrity name and all!!!



Visit Greybeard's in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware

Visit Greybeard's in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware


Upcoming DCASC Guest Stars

* Joe Lavigne will be herfing with us during our May herf, TBA!

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