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Newsletter Archives

Blasts from the past saved for your savoring in those Golden Years


The DCASC Smoking Jacket

Edition 1
November 2000

A review of the recent BaltiHerf by its planner, Rob Novak

Baltiherf went off with a few hitches, but a good time was had by all. I was a little disappointed that more folks didn't attend, but I guess it was a little much to expect everyone to attend both herfs that afternoon. I also had a bit of a communication problem (my fault) with the staff at Max's that needed to be straightened out after we arrived.

The attendees were myself, Chris Walter, Harvey Green (who for some reason I called Russell in an ASC post on this topic), David Farmer, Pete Skerrit, and Bob Hundemer. I enjoyed meeting everyone, and hope that we can do it again real soon.

Since December is pretty full up with SEX, Max's cigar happy-hour potluck, Martin Mayorga's herf in Rockville, and the holidays, I'm looking at a follow up herf in January. There are a number of possibilities, and I'm going to throw them out to the group in a poll once I get them together.

Right now, I'm going to start contacting the following venues:

* Fader's Calvert Street Shop (the new converted 1930's Caddy dealership - cool building). I'm going to see what it would take to get the pub open on a Saturday.
* Max's - I now know to deal directly with Ron at Max's to arrange for odd lounge hours, and he seems to be very happy to accomodate the Baltimore/DC-ASC crowd.
* Rolling Road Tobacco Co. - In "The Avenue" at White Marsh Mall. I've not been to this store yet, but have heard good things. Can be followed up by food @ Red Brick Station Brewpub or Bayou Blues Cafe, which are in the same complex. I will need to contact management of both facilities to discuss cigar friendliness (Bayou Blues DID host a Fader's-sponsored Ashton cigar dinner).
* Fader's Bel Air Store, followed by a trip to the DuClaw Brewing Co. - DuClaw's got a couple of pretty good beers and decent food. Really unsure about the smoking policy, but I know they have a bar area seperate from the main dining room that might accomodate.

I'm open to any other suggestions. You can contact me at . I'll put the poll up in the next day or so.


A review of the recent FOHRPLAY by Mike Fermanis

I just returned (and I mean like ten minutes ago) from FOHRPLAY (Fabulously Orgasmic Herf Right over the Pennsylvania Line At York) put on by Pete Skerrett.

There were a dozen or more folks there and it was great - as all the herfs in York usually are. Pete is a Herfmeister del Grande! And Duet's Speakeasy is a grand place to do it. We had the bar to ourselves and there was much cerveza and good food for all. It's always a hoot to see the Mid-Atlantic regulars including Rick Oz, Bob Hundemer, Jim Fisher, and the rest. A number of folks drove up from DC including Doc Francer and the Farmerator. Congrats to Pete - good job.

Mike, owner of Self Serve Beverage (the official FOHRPLAY
tobacconist), had some great "goodie bags" for us all and some real deals on some fine cigars (not the closeouts, the GOOD stuff). He came to the herf and I spent a lot of time shooting the bull with this very pleasant and knowledgeable guy. If you're in York sometime, stop by and load up at Self Serve - good humidor and a good guy (who sells for LESS than keystone!).

FOHRPLAY was defintely worth the effort before SEX (Smoking in EXton) on December 16th. Now if I can only convince my wife of that.....

Michael Fermanis

A review of our DCASC October Herf by David Farmer

12 of the National Capital area's finest herfers met at Shelley's Backroom this past Friday night for gossiping, drinking, eating, and of course, smoking cigars. Personally, it was great to see Mike Fermanis and Mike and Jan Lastort after such a long time, and I hope we'll see them again in November! It was also great to meet CHPS2, who was dressed so well that for the first half hour or so of being at Shelley's I thought he was an off-the-street businessman just relaxing with us!

It was also good to herf again with Norm Kelly; he's permanently back from Haiti, and we'll be happy to see him regularly again. Steve Greene, Bob Hundemer, Jim Henrikson, Doc Francer, Pete Skerritt (IHEP) and our esteemed Gerald Piercey all helped make the evening very good indeed.

"Papayos" was the cigar I most often heard being discussed---seems Jim bought a box of them recently---and SEX, the upcoming herf at JM Cigars in Exton, PA. being planned by Russ Wren, was the next major event being most talked about. I think a good number of DCASC will attend, Russ, including me.

Pete and Steve got an ISOM Cohiba Siglo I and Cohiba Esplendido, respectively, from our shared grab-bag pass using Mike Fermanis' magical plastic bag (I got a tasty Henry Clay). Enjoy those smokes, guys!

Jan Lastort offered the briefest hint of a possible cheesecake if we have the November herf at Shelley's, too. This is, of course, a powerful incentive to plan it there! I'll let everyone know next week after I check with Shelley's to make sure the International Brotherhood of Small Circus Clowns is not booked.


The DCASC Smoking Jacket

Edition 2
December 2000

A recap of DCASC December events by David Farmer

Five of DCASC's finest met at Butler's Cigar Bar this past Saturday December 15th for some major herfing. I'd like to thank Bob Hundemer, Doc Francer, Marc Schmitz and Jack Mowbray for making a very enjoyable evening of gossip, cigar talk, drinking, dining and blowing off steam!

Our waitperson, Heather was lovely and attentive as we tried out a new (to us), more private pit area I had never noticed there before! I think it's perfect for up to 8 people, and there always the lower pit for our larger groups. I also thank Lyn, the new manager of Butler's for taking the time to come and introduce herself to us!

This followed a previous week's three days' herfing with Mark Korchinski, our brother of the leaf from Ottowa. During that week, Mark showed me a new cigar bar he'd found in the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City which may serve as a possible site for a future herf, then we showed him the always groovy Wednesday night herf at Select Leaf in Stafford, Virginia (thanks, Steve and Sue Skeen!) and the wonderful, wonderful visual cornucopia that was Shelley's Backroom that Thursday night. There were a LOT of folks coming into Shelley's from a charity function held at the National Press Building across the street, a significant number of them seemingly from Texas, and it helped to make for a very pleasant evening indeed. Special thanks go to Jim Henrikson and Bob Hundemer for helping show Mark a good time in DC, and to Mike Fermanis for riding herd on Mark's preliminaries leading up to his visit into DC.

Come back soon, Mark!

Jack Mowbray mentioned herfing at the what now occupies the old Bardo in Virginia, and I'd like to check this place out with any of you who are interested in an informal herf. Let me know! If it's good, then we can have our February herf there.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

A review of the recent SEX (Smoking in Exton 12/16) by David Farmer

Russ Wren, Vic, Jeff and the rest of the gang at JM put on a good party, and even a good party becomes a GREAT party when the Vanderslices are there.

I, of course, am still heady (or is that pain?) with my historic victory in the long ash contest! I knew that Pio VI torp had to be good for something someday...

I have treated the blisters on my fingers and they feel much better now, but I fear the lining on the inside of my upper lip may take a while to grow back--LOL! (ouch)

It was fun to herf again with Tom Spina, Tom Schneider, SirGar, IHEP, Sung, Magikben, Wingman, Neil Flancbaum, Jim and Tim Fisher, JtN, Bob Hundemer, Elon, Doc Francer and DocNJ and everybody else! A special thanks to Mitchell Orchant for the fine cabinet---JtN almost ran from the room when Russ told him you wanted to speak with him! LOL!

Again, thanks, Russ, for another fine night of SEX. Tell Adam West maybe we'll have a match next year, if he's up for it: Adam West vs. Captain Lou Albano. Craig Vanderslice indicated he would supply the rubberband for my beard!

A review of Martin Mayorga's Christmas Party (12/16) by Rob Novak

I want to thank our most gracious host, Mr. Martin Mayorga, for the wonderful evening. The herf at Martin's roasting facility was an excellent way to spend a rainy, foggy, damp Saturday night. The food was excellent, the coffee was incredible, the cigars are superb, the drinks went down well, and the music was a nice touch. Martin's generosity with the cigar and coffee goodie bags was unexpected and much appreciated. It was an honor to attend this demonstration of genuine hospitality. Everyone I spoke to this evening was completely blown away.

Thanks Again!

The DCASC Smoking Jacket

Edition 3
January 2001

A recap of the DCASC January 26 Herf by David Farmer

What a great time eleven of had at Shelly's Backroom last night! Jack Mowbray passed around a box of original blend El Rico Habanos, to the appreciation of everyone! Also shared during the evening among many singles were a box of the the new Genuine Counterfeit Cuban torpedoes and my new dogrocket standard: Santa Maria Galeons by "Professor
Sila"! They are NO Burt Reynolds Toros, BUT they are only $4.99 a box of 25. Mike Fermanis and I both smoked one, but I'll let him and the rest of the attendees decide if they wish to post about 'em.

These will be at CCCCC2001 in New Orleans in April; I'm sure this will be very exciting news indeed to Pat Ashton.

A LOT of discussion occurred on the topic of Steve Saka's counterfeit cuban article in the current JR catalog; many views were shared. Also on the table was the topic of the relative quality of ISOM cigars from various countries and the relation to their price, if any. This particular herf was among the most intellectually rigorous ones of recent months---LOL!

As always, the staff at Shelly's was top flight, and the food and beer good. The only unfortunate event was our running the keg of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale dry. This meant we had to switch to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and then we were quickly back to our two main topics of the evening.

Also discussed was the impending visits to the DC area of our friends Richard Wagner and possibly S. Kristine Farmer. Richard will be visiting in March and I cannot recall when Kristine might be in town, but I will probably schedule monthly herfs with their visits in mind if possible.

I thank Allen (our newbie from the JRBB aka "iphwin"), Mike, Doc, Jack, JtN, Roy, Jamie and friend of his whose name escapes me at the moment, Gerald, and Bob for making a great herf.

The DCASC Smoking Jacket

Edition 4
February 2001

A recap of the DCASC February Herf by David Farmer

Our February DCASC Herf was a great success! I wish to thank all who herfed at the fabulous Golden Flame Restaurant in Silver Spring, Maryland: Bob Hundemer, Jamie Minzter, Jim Henrikson, Steve Greene (congrats on being a homeowner, Steve!), birthday boy Jack Mowbray, and Pete Skerrett! We'll work in the Flame again late this Spring or
early this Summer.

Our DCASC March Herf will be at Dr. Dremo's Tap House at 2001 Clarendon Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia starting at 6pm on March 23. Use to get directions if you are driving that evening. If coming by the Metro, Dr. Dremo's is a few blocks downhill from the Arlington Courthouse Metro Station on the Orange Line.

Again, email me if you need more information at

The DCASC Smoking Jacket

Edition 5
March 2001

A recap of the DCASC March 23 Herf by David Farmer

Our March Herf on the 23rd at Dr. Dremo's Tap Room in Virginia was smashing! I wish to thank Gary Zabunian of the Mid-Atlantic Fire Pit Crew DC Chapter of the Fuente/Newman CigarFamily BB for joining us! Jack Mowbray, Bob Hundemer, Allan Jackson, Jim Henrikson, Mike Fermanis and others were in attendance and made for the usual good DCASC time. We are sorry to hear about Doc Francer's back surgery, and we hope to see him soon again, back in herfing trim!

Dr. Dremo's has proven to be a good herf site, and we'll be back there later in the year.

Starting with the April Herf, scheduled for 6pm Thursday April 19th at Shelly's Back Room in DC, our herfs will be scheduled for Thursday nights or weekend afternoons as yours truly, David Farmer is locked up on Friday evenings for kid's baseball in Calvert County.

Our special guest star for the April Herf will be S. Kristine Farmer (no relation!) from Deep in the Heart of Texas! So look presentable, please.

Shelley's Backroom is at 1331 F St. NW, and its phone number is (202)737-3003.Shelly's is also at Metro Center; use the 13th Street exit, turn left towards F street, then turn right and cross. Shelly's is down the block on the right. The name Shelly's is on the front of a green awning that says "Tavern" on the sides.

I hope we have a good turn out and that we may see or hear from Doc that evening. My cell phone number is 301-452-0144!