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DCASC HerfSite 4000...In Color!
DCASC Members Photos 1

On this page we'll include pictures of DCASC events, people, and things that hopefully will not cause illness to you or your loved ones.

David C Farmer

Chicks dig my hat, they really, really do

"Doc" Francer

Doc actually can be quite friendly

Jack Mowbray

Jack  spies JtN coming his way

Mike Fermanis

What you see in the middle of Mike's face is NOT caused by perspective.

Bob Hundemer

I think you've bothered Bob...

Jim Henrikson

Jim, where he belongs

Jan & Mike Lastort

They've got shoes babe

Steve Greene

It takes a strong man to smoke strong cigars, and to sit near JtN

Susan and Marc Schmitz

No, they really DO dress this way

Gerald Piercey

Just to let you know, Gerald picked this one, not me

Will Wallace

C'mon--I need to write something for this???

Dr. James Mintzer

Uh...maybe you want to keep that ingrown toenail