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Hey! Where do we herf?

Where We Go

District of Columbia

We meet about once a month, usually in Washington, D.C. in one of the downtown cigar friendly places such as Butler's Cigar Bar or Shelley's Back Room.

State of Maryland

Less often, we meet in the Maryland suburbs. Cigar friendly places here are becoming rarer; Bethesda and Silver Spring still have a few places.

Commonwealth of Virginia

We also meet in Northern Virginia, where there are more cigar-friendly places than Maryland, but they are less accessible by the Metro subway system.

Getting Around

If you click on the simple yet garish map below, you will go to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority home page. For our herfs in Maryland and D.C., the Red Line is very important. Butler's Cigar Bar is in the Grand Hyatt at the Metro Center stop. Also at this same stop is Shelley's Back Room, and W. Curtis Draper's cigar shop is nearby. JR Cigars is at the Farragut North Metro stop.

The Red Line also takes you west to Bethesda, where a few cigar-friendly places are as well as a few cigar shops: J.B. Sims, Tinder Box, and Signature Cigars. Near the eastern end of the Red Line is Silver Spring, location of the Golden Flame Restaurant, but no cigar shops.

The Orange Line's Ballston station has the cigar-friendly Rock Bottom Brewery located very near, as is Dan and Brad's Steakhouse, a very expensive cigar-friendly restaurant. The Tobacco Barn at the Blue Line's Pentagon City stop is just about the only shop near a Virginia Metro stop.

The Washington D.C. Metro Subway System. Pretty map, huh?

If you are visiting the area and want to get a herf going, just drop us a line, and we'll see what we can put together. If you are moving to the Washington region, you ought to subscribe to DCASC; simply click on the link below!

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